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Pikku-Härkä, 2+2 pers., 35m2, Mikkeli
From €75.00 / d
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Härkäniemen Tuvat info@harkaniementuvat.fi +358 400 176027 Company id: 246877-6 Merchant terms

- 2 + 2 people, sleeping alcove, 35 m2, open kitchen, toilet, shower, fireplace, shoreside sauna, terrace 20m2, pier, rowing boat, WiFi, parking space, storage room, campfire place, outdoor kitchen, playhouse, Mikkeli

Pikku-Härkä is a lovely cottage that lies on a sunny peninsula and is equipped with all modern conveniences and network connections. There is a wood-burning sauna with a fireplace on the shore. Visitors also have the use of an outdoor kitchen, campfire place and a special oven for smoking fish.